Mala captus, bene detentus in Venezuela

Fernando M. Fernández* Versión en español aquí. In Venezuela, the judicial practice of the so-called «bad arrest, good detention» or mala captus, bene detentus has been established, a controversial and interesting doctrine of international criminal law, which has allowed suspects to be apprehended in other countries in an irregular manner and then the detention to be legalized locally.  The […]

The quest for accountability for gross human rights violations in Venezuela

Carlos Lusverti* Versión en español, aquí. What do Burundi, Libya, Myanmar, South Sudan and Venezuela have in common? All of them have been the focus of independent investigation mechanisms established by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate serious human rights violations occurring in these countries. Regarding Venezuela, in 2019 the Council adopted resolution 42/25 establishing an Independent International Fact-Finding Mission (FFM), which is an international investigative body […]

Should Argentina Exercise Universal Jurisdiction over the Rohingya case?

Naomi Roht-Arriaza* Versión en español aquí. Judges listened attentively as Maun Tung Khin argued, in English, before an Argentine appeals court via videolink.  He reminded the judges of attacks on his community half a world away in Myanmar, carried out by military and paramilitary forces. Villages attacked, women raped, families forced to flee as their homes […]