Judicial Elections in Bolivia: A Second Attempt

Luis Pásara Versión en español No other country in the world chooses the most senior members of its justice system by popular vote, but Bolivia first did so in October 2011. Despite the high voter turnout (nearly 80%), three of every five ballots were blank or null and void, and only two were cast in […]

#Judileaks: Ranking the Best and the Worst Honduran Supreme Court Candidates

By Niko Aberle, Research and Communications Fellow, Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa Versión en español     La Asociación para una Sociedad Más Justa (AJS, by its English initials), the chapter of Transparency International in Honduras, is a Honduran anticorruption organization dedicated to fostering the Rule of Law in their country. In the recent […]

Righting Guatemala’s Broken Judicial Selection Process

Lea la versión en español aquí Author: Mirte Postema* for Americas Quarterly This year has been important for Guatemala’s judicial system. A number of judicial posts are due to be filled in 2014, and so far this year, a new electoral tribunal and attorney general have already taken office. In July, the selection process for […]