Mala captus, bene detentus in Venezuela

Fernando M. Fernández* Versión en español aquí. In Venezuela, the judicial practice of the so-called «bad arrest, good detention» or mala captus, bene detentus has been established, a controversial and interesting doctrine of international criminal law, which has allowed suspects to be apprehended in other countries in an irregular manner and then the detention to be legalized locally.  The […]

Closing safe havens for Venezuelan State Organized Crime: “Inverted rule of law,” impunity, and challenges in international cooperation in extradition between the U.S. and Spain

Jan-Michael Simon Criminal actors linked to Venezuelan State Organized Crime, be they in or outside the country, profit from Venezuela’s ruling system of “inverted rule of law” and impunity. The present article sheds light on international challenges that have arisen while seeking accountability abroad. Criminal proceedings currently underway in the U.S. and Spain provide insight […]