General Elections in Peru 2021: The pandemic has won

David Lovatón Palacios*

Spanish version here.

On April 11, the general elections took place in Peru to elect the new President and Congress for the period 2021-2026, with an absolutely unpredictable and discouraging result from a democratic perspective. The following is a brief analysis of what the two presidential candidates who have made it to the second round of elections represent and the very difficult scenarios that may arise in the next five years for Peru.

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Elections for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: A Line States Should Not Cross

Versión en español

Christian De Vos and Liliana Gamboa*

When states from across the Americas convene next week for the 49th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), they will face a solemn task: electing four commissioners to the seven-member Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the region’s premier human rights monitoring and protection body. The problem? For the first time in the recent memory, there are not enough qualified candidates to elect. Seguir leyendo