How democracies survive? Lessons from Brazil

Daniel Cerqueira* Versión en español aquí. Bolsonaro’s rise to power in 2018 and the popular support he still holds shows the information dystopia and the inability of parties with democratic vocation to close ranks against demagogues who lack such vocation. This article comments on some factors that allowed Brazilian democracy to overcome four years of constant […]

Presidential Elections in Peru Reveal a Deeply Divided Country

David Lovatón Palacios* The fox from above and the fox from below– José María Arguedas Country of Jauja a possible utopia, which is that of respectful and enriching coexistence between cultures– Edgardo Rivera Martínez Last Sunday, June 6, the second round of elections took place in Peru between two presidential candidates who obtained the largest number of votes in […]

General Elections in Peru 2021: The pandemic has won

David Lovatón Palacios* Spanish version here. On April 11, the general elections took place in Peru to elect the new President and Congress for the period 2021-2026, with an absolutely unpredictable and discouraging result from a democratic perspective. The following is a brief analysis of what the two presidential candidates who have made it to […]