Covid-19 and racial inequality in Colombia: The case of the department of Chocó

Ely Cossio*

Versión en español aquí.

Exceptional times require extraordinary measures; however, there are places in Colombia where the lack of essential services would make any extraordinary measure be considered meager given the marginality and the historical backwardness in the country. The negligence of the central government is the common denominator of the formerly called territorios nacionales[1], but only in the Department[2] of Chocó this feature is epitomized in absolute terms.

Seen in the light of the ability to cope with a virus as deadly as COVID-19, which to date has claimed the lives of nearly 400,000 people worldwide, the forecasts in the department of Chocó are terrifying. To this date, the people of Chocó lack the readiness and the human, technical, and financial resources necessary to face an epidemiological event of this kind.

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