A Small Victory for Equality: Peruvian Judiciary Fully Adopts Brasilia Rules in U-turn

Javier A. de Belaunde*

Versión en español aquí.

Can discrimination be committed in the act of approval of an international anti-discrimination regulation? A few days ago, the Peruvian Judiciary notably achieved a contradictory result of this nature. This happened with the accession to the 2018 updated version of the «Brasilia Regulations Regarding Access to Justice for Vulnerable People” (Brasilia Rules). The Judiciary Executive Committee (CEPJ in its Spanish acronym), one of the highest bodies of judicial governance –composed of 5 judges of all levels– decided to exclude Peru from adherence to those aims that consider sexual orientation and gender identity as a cause of vulnerability (002-2020-CE-PJ  and 011-2020-CE-PJ).

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